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Modinos’ work at King’s College London attempts to understand the neural mechanisms of emotion and stress response in schizophrenia. To mark the centenary of women in Britain first getting the vote, the women’s rights campaigner and great-granddaughter of suffragette leader Emmeline Pankhurst charts how women’s lives have changed over the past century and offers a powerful and positive argument for the way forward.

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sees Jake work with Grammy Award-winning producer David Ferguson and Matt Sweeney in Nashville and recording with some of the best players in the history of popular music.

The reviews for the record have been nothing short of revelatory.

Can small really stay beautiful, or will big prove to be best?

Chaired by Writer and Green Futurist, Martin Wright.

The benefits could be huge, not only in removing the need to kill animals but also in the reduction of methane production and water use.

However, it raises lots of potential ethical concerns too.

How long before every home becomes its own power plant, every home owner their own power company?

And how long before local green energy sources combine with digital technologies and 3-D printing to revive local manufacturing?

And then of course there are the edible insects…The BBC Culture-grown lab meat is becoming big business.


  1. And they had an adverse impact on 46-year-old Cole's life in many ways, including leading him to distrust people close to him.

  2. Think Chatroulette, but with an adult environment twist.

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