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The historic shut down took place in April, 1981, when Brig. (Res.) Rafi Berkovitch shot down a Syrian Mil-Mi 8 helicopter.Since that shut down and to this day, the "Netz" has conducted countless missions and partook in many operations; the 2006 Second Lebanon War, 1996 Operation "Grapes of Wrath", 2008 Operation "Cast Lead", 2002 Operation "Pillar of Defense" and 2014 Operation "Protective Edge" being just part of the operations the "Netz" took part in.Having doubts about his faith, the oldest son stayed home.

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Today, the "Lavi" (M-346) aircraft that landed in Israel two years ago and has entered service in Flight Academy and the Flying Tiger" Squadron near Hatzerim AFB will take the "Netz's" place as a combat training aircraft. "The 'Netz' took a step back in its operational activity but found a way to continue giving - it trained the next generation of pilots".

"Since 2000, 'Barak' (F-16C/D) and 'Raam' (F-15I) and 'Sufa' (F-16I) take part in most of the operational activity in the IAF", explains Lt. Parting hour The "Flying Falcon" may be completing its service, however it seems it will have a lasting influence for many more years as it seems those who learned from and flew the aircraft will be continuing their service in the IAF. Itzik: "We are a few people, with few means, but with so many accomplishments and so much work".

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Training the future generation Alongside the successful operational work the "Netz" is credited for, one cannot forget its activity in the training fields: IAF Servicemen consider it simple and comfortable to fly.

The "Netz" aircraft have a resume that also include training combat pilots and WSO's in the Combat Training Course and Advanced Combat Training Course, which the aircrews complete at the end of their pilots course.

Despite the difficulty, it is clear that the attack on the nuclear reactor was one of the most impressive achievements in IAF history.

"I believe that this operation is proof of Israel's need of a strong and quality, creative and daring air force", added Brig.-Gen. "This is an example of how one tactical sortie of eight attack aircraft and six interception aircraft, could achieve a strategic change that will remain valid for generations to come".

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